How to Sell Old Car for Scrap in Melbourne, Victoria?

It’s a fact that selling an old and unwanted car is not an easy task. It takes considerable time to find potential buyers who accept scrap cars regardless of their condition. If you have an old car in your car yard then you should know that finding a suitable car buyer for your old car is a nerve-wracking job. You need to complete paperwork and other legal documentation before the professional pick-up your old car for scrap in Melbourne.

Nevertheless, the current discussion provides an ultimate guideline about ‘how to sell the old car for scrap in Melbourne’. Surely, this way you can find the potential car buyers who know the actual worth of your car regardless of its condition.

Selling a scrap car depends on various factors including your priorities, the type of car you are intending to sell and the core purpose of selling your car, etc.

Here’s why all such factors are imperative;

  • Your Priority Matters

You need to decide why you want to sell your old car? Usually, people want to sell their old car for cash. Sometimes, they sell the car because they want to buy a new car model. In some cases, people want to free-up their car yard and want to make the environment clean and healthy. So, you need to decide the purpose of selling an old car in the first place.

  • Type of Car You Want To Sell

It is quite essential to determine the type of car you want to sell. For instance, if you want to sell a car in a good condition then it’s quite effortless to find potential car buyers. Conversely, selling an old car is problematic and time-taking. So, if you have an old, damaged, wrecked and unwanted car with you then you may need extra effort to find the buyers. Similarly, selling a well-conditioned car helps in getting good cash and vice-versa.

  • The benefit of Selling an Old Car

What’s the expected benefit of selling your car? For instance, is it helpful in making the environment clean and healthy? Or you want to sell it for cash. As mentioned earlier, generally people sell their old car because they want to buy a new model. So, you need to know the expected benefits you can enjoy by selling scrap or rusted car models. Such benefits encourage you to find the best car buyer.

Once you have identified the core purpose, potential benefits, and priorities, it becomes easier to sell your scrap car for cash.

Sell Old Car for Scrap

Different Ways to Sell Your Scrap Car for Cash

Here are some effective ways to dispose of an unwanted and wrecked car in Melbourne, Victoria.

  • Private Selling an Old Car

Usually, people find it convenient and the fastest way of selling a damaged car. For this, they choose their family friends, relatives, or colleagues. Surely, it’s the quickest way to remove your car from the premises but it has some evident cons as well.

One of the core drawbacks of selling your car to relatives or close family members is that they generally don’t pay you according to the actual worth of your car. Also, they never pay all your cash in advance. Sometimes, you get payment every month or sometimes you get it after 6 months.

You can opt for this option if you don’t need immediate cash for your scrap car. But, if you want immediate cash and free car pick-up then the current method is not preferable. You should keep all such cons in your mind before you make the final decision.

  • Sell It To Car Dealers

It is another way to get rid of a scrap car but it has some obvious fallbacks too. Surely, such car dealers pick-up your car promptly but they never pay top cash for it (according to its actual worth). Generally, the paid amount is less than the market value of your car. Besides, they never accept the car in undesirable condition and you have to make it road-worthy. So, if you can invest some money in your car’s maintenance then sell your car to car dealers. Otherwise; there isn’t any distinguishing benefit of choosing them to sell your rusted car.

  • Sell Your Car to Scrap Car Buyers

It is one of the most effective ways to sell a scrap car. The professional scrap car buyers not only pick-up your car for free but assure on-the-spot cash in return. Interestingly, they recycle your car using all the latest tools and equipment. Besides, they don’t require complicated paperwork and legal documentation to buy your car. So, opt for this remarkable option if you want to sell your scrap car without any hassle.


Indeed, selling a scrap car is a complex procedure but choosing professional scrap car buyers can make the process simple for you.

Why Scrap Car Removal Companies Are Ideal To Sell Your Old Car?

Do you have an old, damaged, rusted, wrecked and outdated vehicle in your home? Is it roadworthy, or are you thinking to get the last buck out of it? It is evident that repairing an old and damaged car is costly, and no one wants to waste money on unwanted cars. 

Is there any way to get rid of the worthless car that is of no value and only causes environmental pollution? Gladly, Scrap Car Removal Companies are reliable as you can sell your car to them and can earn some money in return. 

Remember; your damaged car isn’t the pile of trash as it still has some value and real worth. In fact, not everyone knows the real-worth of old car and considered it useless. That’s why; selling it to scrap car Removal Company is the sensible decision because they offer cash for used cars, cash for unwanted cars, cash for junk cars and cash for scrap cars. 

Interestingly, this business is getting massive recognition globally as people can discard their damaged car and earn top dollars without any hassle. 

So, if you have any old and accidental car in your car yard, you should think about selling it to the professional old car buyers of your area.

Scrap Car Removal Companies

Why Choosing the Scrap Car Removal Company is perfect for you?

Undoubtedly, there are several reasons to visit scrap car company in your area, but we have highlighted some of the main reasons that attract you the most. 

  • Selling your car to a private car dealer isn’t a straightforward process. It requires substantial time, energy and effort. Additionally, you have to pay some money for advertising purposes as well. The process may take weeks or months, and you can’t sell your car immediately. Conversely, selling your car to local car buyers is an easy and effortless process. They can buy your car immediately, and you don’t need to worry about paperwork and hidden charges. 
  • They accept every make, model, and brand of the vehicle. Also, you can earn top money according to the current condition of your car. 

Scrap car removal companies offer the best-quoted price for your car, and you can sell old, damaged, unwanted and scrap a car without any real effort. Generally, the private car dealers require a license, registration number and other relevant documents before buying your car, but it’s not the case with the professional scrap car buyers. They can buy all type of car no matter if they are in running condition or not. This way, you can dispose of your car without spending extra money on it. Additionally, such companies visit your premises and pick up your car for free. They use the latest tools and equipment for dismantling your car. Their car recycling process is simple and environment friendly. 

So, you don’t need to worry about anything because the professionals know how to manage everything like a pro. 

Live in a Fresh & Green World

Selling your old, damaged and unwanted car is an eco-friendly way. The professional companies use all the environmental-friendly ways, rules and regulations to dismantle your old car. Moreover, the remove used car part carefully and dismantled them without creating an environmental hazard. 

Keeping such wrecked cars at home is not suitable for health as the fluid leakage not only pollutes the environment but negatively affects your health. So, it is better to sell them to nearest scrap car buyers because you can earn money. Hence, we recommend you to live in a fresh environment and sell your scrap car now. 

All Makes, Models and Brands are Acceptable 

‘Old is Gold’, and the professional scrap car buyers know the real worth of your car. It is okay if you have an old model vehicle or your new car met an accident because you can sell all kind of vehicles to professional car scrappers. 

Therefore, if you don’t have the storage to keep your old car, you should contact the trust-worthy car buyers. You can follow these simple steps to remove your junk car. 


  • Contact the reliable car removal company and share your car’s detail with them. They will offer the best-quoted offer for your car according to its condition. 
  • Accept their offer and they will pick-up the car from your premises. 
  • Enjoy top and instant cash in return. 


Sell Your Car & Enjoy Top Cash 

So, what are you thinking about now? Don’t you think it’s the best way to remove your car and earn cash in return? This cash can be used for some productive purposes. Internet is the best source to find out a reliable company. So, find the finest & reliable company and think about selling your car now. 

Who Buys My Car for Instant Quote

Who Buys My Car for Instant Quote

Buy My Car Instant Quote

It’s an era of technical advancement, and everything is possible online. For instance, you can enjoy shopping online or can order the desired food without going out. So, don’t you think selling your car online is also a useful option to consider? Gladly, most car buyers not only buy your car online but offer top cash in return. Therefore, there is no need to spend hours finding private car dealers because you can find reliable car buyers online. Also, used car buyers have made it convenient for you to get rid of the unwanted car within 24 hours.

Yes, you heard it right!!!

Online car buyers offer the instant quoted offer for your car and provide free car removal services within a day. Indeed, it sounds great but do you know how to sell your car online?

The current discussion highlights that it is safe to sell cars online and offer an instant quote for a wrecked car. Moreover, we also provide you a complete guide about how to sell cars online. You must know the real worth of your car before selling it.

How to Get Instant Quoted Offer for My Car Online?

The first and most important thing is to spot a scam. For this, you can check customers’ reviews about the company. It is suggested to check whether the company assures prompt services or not. Also, verify the company’s payment mode thoroughly.

It is also essential to check whether the company uses traditional methods to buy a car or ensures procedures to sell your car timely.

Sell Your Car without Roadworthy

What Is The Actual Worth Of My Car?

Generally, finding your car’s real worth is quite tricky, and most car sellers can’t do it on their own. That’s why; it is always recommended to choose the professional car buyers who offer the best instant quoted offer for your car based on the provided information.

Professional car buyers evaluate your car model, brand, mileage, and other relevant information and offer the best-quoted offer without any delay. Additionally, they assure free towing services, and you can get rid of your car without any effort and a real struggle.

Remember, always get the multiple quoted offers for your car from different car buyers and choose the company that offers top rates. This way, you can get the highest maximum cash as per the actual worth of your car. Although there are multiple tools to evaluate your car’s worth online, it’s a time-consuming process, and not all car buyers can do it proficiently.

That’s why; it is better to save your valuable time and choose reliable car buyers for your damaged car. Maybe your car is worthless for you, but the professionals know your car’s real worth and offer cash accordingly.

You can earn cash for the wholly destroyed car by selling its used parts. You can sell used car parts at reasonable rates, but you need to dismantle them properly.

Traditional Method Vs. Selling Your Car Online: Which One Is Preferable?

No doubt, the majority of people think selling a car online is simple and convenient. But still, some people follow traditional methods to throw out their car. So, let’s see which method is more preferable.

  • Selling My Car To Car Dealers

We are sure that it is one of the most popular methods of selling your old car. But in fact, it is not the best choice to consider because selling your car to car dealers involve considerable time. It may take weeks to dispose-of your damaged car after completing complicated paperwork and other formalities. Additionally, they don’t offer ideal cash according to the actual worth of your car.

So, go for this option if you don’t expect massive cash in return and wait for weeks. Otherwise, it’s not a well-recommended option to consider.

  • Selling My Car To Private Party

No denial, it’s an excellent option to earn good cash, but it involves extensive work. You need to find potential buyers for your car, and this process isn’t simple. Additionally, you need to spend some money on your car’s advertisement to grab potential buyers’ attention better. You can’t opt for this option if you want instant cash for your car. Nevertheless, choose this option if you can spend your money and can wait for months.

  • Sell My Car to Online Car Buyers

It’s the latest and most popular method of selling an old car without any hassle. This way, you can discard your car without spending any money. You don’t need to worry about paperwork, as professional buyers can do it.

So, free-up some extra space in your car yard and sell it to professional car buyers online. This way, you can get an instant and best-quoted offer without any delay.

How to Sell Cars for Scrap

How to Sell Cars for Scrap In Melbourne

Indeed, finding-out How to sell a car for scrap is a challenging task as it requires considerable and time to sell your damaged car. Usually, people scrap their old and accidental car as there is no point in keeping your old car with you. Additionally, taking your accidental car on the road is quite a risky process. That’s why; selling it to scrap car buyers is one of the most suitable options to consider.

Most of people prefer private scrap car buyers to sell their old and unwanted car as they find it a convenient and trouble-free process. But in fact, it’s a complicated process that not only involves your valuable time but substantial cash too. You need to spend money on your car’s advertisement as this way you can find-out its potential buyer. Moreover, selling your useless car privately requires complicated paperwork too.

So, if you want to avoid this fuss and to aim to sell your car without any hassle, then you must consider used car buyers for this purpose.

But, before you sell your car, we recommend you to go through the current guideline properly as it will make the scrap car removal phase trouble-free and straightforward for you.

sell scrap cars

Choosing the Best Way of Selling Your Car

There are several options to sell your old car. You can choose any of the options that best fit your need.

  • Sell It To Private Dealer

It is the most straightforward way to sell your car, i.e. you can trade for it. Indeed, it is not a suitable option for selling scrap and damaged cars as you can’t get the desired cash in return. But, if you want to avoid complicated paperwork, then selling your car to private dealers is suitable for you. But remember, it’s not a quick procedure because you need to spend time in finding the potential car buyer that not only accepts your scrap car but offers you little cash in return.

  • Auction Your Car

Let’s face the reality that no one buys your scrap and auctioning it can never be an apt option to contemplate. However, if your car isn’t damaged entirely and you can still sell some of its used parts, then you can go for the auction option as well. Your car model also decides its worth because the expensive car can be auctioned at a reasonable price.

  • Sell It To Used Car Buyer

It is one of the most suitable and comfortable option to contemplate. Local scrap car buyers offer you the highest maximum cash for your car by evaluating its condition. You don’t need to wait for weeks and months as the professional appraisers offer the instant quoted offer.

Gladly, such companies accept all makes models and brands without any trouble. You don’t need to worry about paperwork and towing services as the professional car wreckers take care of everything.

You need to follow simple steps to sell your scrap car in no time.

  • Get a top-quoted offer for your car by contacting the potential company.
  • Accept the quoted offer and enjoy free car-pick-up service.
  • Free car removal and instant cash on the door-step

Doesn’t it look convenient? Indeed, it is as selling your car to used car buyers provides you with ample opportunity to sell your car.

Pitfalls to Avoid Before Scrapping Your Car

If you have made up your mind about selling your car, then you should consider these points before your car scrapping.

  • Properly manage all the documents. The availability of legal car documents makes the entire process legit and you can find-out the potential scrap car buying company in lesser time. Generally, companies don’t accept the car without its license and all other legal documents. So, if you want to sell your damaged car at a reasonable price, it is better to complete all the legal documentation in the first place.
  • Keep your details safe and take-out all the necessary stuff before scrapping your car. Though all the car buyers valuate your car before final dismantling, not everyone returns the valuable belonging they find in the car. So, before selling your car for final scrapping, examine it properly and take-out all your valuable belonging.
  • Remember, not all car buyers accept used car parts. But gladly, you can sell them individually. So, before you scrap your car, remove its used parts properly. You can do it on your own or take the assistance of professional mechanics. Surely, sending used car parts can give you a better chance of earning some extra cash without any real effort.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the discussion mentioned above is quite useful in selling your scrap car. Nevertheless, the final decision is all yours as you better know about your car’s condition. So, sell your car after considering all the factors properly.

Cash for Rusted Cars

Rusted Car Removal s Melbourne

If your vehicle is in good condition, but you still want to sell it, it is imperative to consider that you should acquire an amount closer to its original price. However, it is quite challenging to get top cash for the rusted, accidental, flooded, and wrecked vehicle. However, you can still get top cash for a rusted car by selling it to us. We are the finest Rusted Car Removal Company, and we not only pick-up your unwanted cars but offer top cash in return.

In case you have been thinking about getting rid of a rusted car and getting desirable cash in return, then gladly, the professional Rusted car removals are just a call away. So, we offer you the perfect opportunity to free up some space in your backyard and removed your worthless vehicle now.

Gladly, selling your old or scrap car is not a problem now as we know how to make the entire process easier for you. We provide you endless reasons to choose our top cash for rusted car services. For us, your comfort and easiness matters, and that’s why we offer quick and prompt services to our valuable customers. We not only take your unwanted vehicle with us but provide you considerable cash to use it for some useful purposes.  No matter if your vehicle is dusty or poorly rusted, we can still accept it regardless of its condition.

Why Choose Our Exceptional Rusted Car Removal Services?

Do you know what makes us stand out from the crowd? We accept everyone makes, model, and brand despite its condition. Don’t worry if your car has stopped working as we can take it gladly. So, sell your local or foreign car and the highest maximum cash in return. Every car is valuable, and our professional team knows how to convert a rusted or worthless car into a gem. So, get top cash for the rusted car by following our hassle-free process.

It is okay if you can’t visit our office due to a hectic routine because we can see your location and buy all types of vehicles, including 4WD, commercial cars, SUVs, Utes, and jeep car, truck, etc. Generally, most of the Rusted car removal companies don’t accept uninsured cars, but we can buy all types of cars no matter if they are insured or not.

So, don’t you think it’s the most acceptable way of eradicating unwanted and useless cars without any trouble? Indeed, it is the perfect opportunity to get some cash without any effort.

  • We accept all the makes and models.
  • We can buy your truck, car, SUV and any other vehicle.
  • We offer PROMPT services and free truck towing.
  • Our skilled car buyers have proper insight into vehicle appraisal.
  • We assure the hassle-free process of removing junk cars.

We assure the following benefits including;

  • Free paperwork
  • We offer top cash for rusted vehicles
  • The environmentally-friendly car removal process
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Free and instant quoted offer for the vehicle

cash for rusted cars

Our Remarkable Services

We offer maximum cash for the rusted car, but you can get quick money for any vehicle. It is perfectly alright if your car is broken, scratched, rusted, damaged, or out of order.  We can buy it without a problem. Every vehicle is valuable to us, and we want you to get the best possible cash for your wrecked cars.

We accept;

  • Rusted Cars
  • Old Cars
  • Used Cars
  • Broken Cars
  • Damaged Cars
  • Wrecked Cars
  • Accidental Cars
  • Scarp Cars

If you have any car in your car yard, contact us and sell it at a fantastic price.

Make, Models and Brands We Accept

Our Rusted Car Removal Services are incredible, and we offer top cash for rusted cars and several other cars.

  • No addition and hidden Fees. We never make fall promises.
  • Our company is buying all these brands for a longer time.
  • Guaranteed payment
  • State-of-the-art and perfect scrap car removal services

If any brand is not mentioned below, we accept that also:

  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Lexus
  • Holden
  • Saab
  • Volvo
  • Hino
  • Daewoo
  • BMW
  • Peugeot
  • Audi

Don’t worry if we forgot to mention your car model because we can accept any car model without a problem. So, call us today and enjoy our satisfactory services.

Get Cash for Rusted Car & Sell it Now. 

You don’t need to keep your rusted car in the car yard as we can easily accept all vehicle types. So, pick-up your phone and dial 0435 470 447 Our professional customer care representatives are always available to resolve your queries.

Things to Consider While Selling Your Car to Dealers Who Buy Used Cars for Cash

Selling Your Car to Dealers

Have you decided to sell your used car? Maybe you want to buy a new vehicle or want to earn some extra cash without any effort. No doubt, there are multiple reasons to sell your cash, but the entire process isn’t much easier and straightforward. You need to prepare the paperwork and have to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition. It all can be done by cleaning and inspecting your vehicle properly. You need to identify the simple and finest way to sell your car.

No doubt, selling your unwanted and scrap car to a dealer who buys used car is a convenient process, but not all the used car buyers offer maximum cash for your car. You might get more cash by selling your car to an independent car dealer, but it is always preferable to get a proper idea about your car’s market value then sell it. This way, you can get your car at a good price by following a hassle-free procedure.

So, selling your junk car can be a complicated process, but we have made it easier for you to highlight some major factors. You must follow these factors if you want to choose a reliable used car buyer who offers significant cash for cars.

Selling Your Car to Dealers

  • Properly Research about the Market

Research is a fundamental thing to clear your entire endeavor successfully, and selling your old car is no exception. If you want to get top cash for a car, then go for this process after proper research. Always evaluate the real value of your car by comparing its price online. This is the perfect way to get an idea about the total worth of your car.

Bu remembers; listing doesn’t mean that you can sell your car at the desired price. Several factors play a key role in deciding the final cost of your vehicle. For instance, the car’s condition, mileage, region, etc. determine your car’s final price.

For instance, most of the cars have great value at certain times of the year. Surely, no one wants to buy a sports car in winter, but you can get its better summer price. However, vans and SUVs are always in demand, but you can get top cash for the vehicle if you sell them in rural areas rather than urban areas.

  • Complete Your Paperwork

We understand paperwork is not fun but is essential for the trouble-free process.  The major benefit of selling your car to a license and certified junk car Removal Company is that they can handle all your paperwork, and you don’t need to manage anything. However, if you choose a private car dealer, you will have to take care of all the paperwork and other legal documentation.

Generally, you need the following documents, including vehicle title, mileage, bill of sale, and an odometer certification. Perhaps, car dealers may ask for a copy of the car history report.

  • Inspect the Vehicle

Generally, car dealers want to drive your vehicle to check it works properly or not. But surely, it is not a compulsion for your wrecked, scrap, and accidental car. Keep one thing in mind that before you sell your vehicle to any of the car wreckers company, it is recommended to take it to the mechanic for professional inspection and maintenance (if it’s needed). This way, you can fix your car’s issue and can sell it at a good price. Otherwise, you may need to sell it at a lower price.

Before you go for your car’s maintenance, it is strongly recommended to evaluate how much value it adds to your car. There is no point in waster $500 for the maintenance of your car that can be sold for more than $250. The professional used car buyers know that they can’t get a perfect car model, so they need to waste extra money.

Another thing that requires proper consideration is that a mechanic never inspects your car for free. If your car is already in undesired condition, then there is no need to waste money on its inspection. It is another way of spending extra money on your car without knowing how much cash you can get after selling your car.

Choose the Professional Car Removal Company

After considering all the factors mentioned above, choosing a junk car Removal Company wisely is recommended. Properly view its prior experience and certification. You don’t need to think about the company that involves hidden charges to buy your car.

Additionally, the chosen company should offer you the best-quoted price for your car in this way; you can make up your mind about selling it to the same company or not. Lastly, the company must offer you top cash for cars to get the maximum money as per your car’s condition.

How to Sell Car Instantly?

How to Sell Car Instantly? Get The Most Money!

Do you have an old car, van, truck, or SUVs sitting in your backyard? Is your car of any use, or you want to get rid of it? If yes, then it’s the right time to say goodbye to your old, wrecked, smashed, and scrap cars.

Used Car Buyers is one of the best and largest scrap car removal companies in Melbourne. We provide hassle-free junk car removal services and offer you the maximum cash in return. Whether your car is ready to recycle, has broken parts, or is not working, we can buy it without a problem. You need to share some basic information, including the makes and model of your car. Our professional appraisers will instantly inform you about the worth of your scrap car.

So, how to sell a car instantly shouldn’t be a question anymore, because we are here to assist you.

Selling Your Wrecked Car with us is Convenient.

You don’t need a fill-up registration form to sell your wrecked car. If you are from Melbourne or its neighboring region, follow these three easiest steps to sell your old vehicle instantly.

  1. Get the instant quoted price for your car according to its condition.
  2. Arrange the most suitable time for your car’s collection. You can decide the timings as per your comfort.
  3. Get the top and instant cash for your car. Don’t worry about the paperwork because we will do everything for you.

It is a simple and hassle-free process for everyone. We aim to save your valuable time and efforts, so there is no need for an appointment for your car’s valuation. Additionally, we offer outstanding customer services so you can contact us anytime for your queries.

Scrap Your Car For The Maximum Cash

If you think your car is ready to be recycled, let us know because we will buy your scrap cars. We follow all the rules, regulations, and environmental-friendly standards to recycle your car. You not only get rid of old cars but can earn good money in return. Yes, we provide you the perfect opportunity to get up to $9,999 for any vehicle.

So, what are you thinking about now? Why don’t you sell your car as it is the finest way to turn your scrap car into the gold? Pick up your phone and contact us now.

Sell Car Instantly

Why Choose Us?

You can trust our company for multiple reasons, including;

  • Free paperwork
  • The hassle-free car removal process
  • Latest tools and equipment for instant car removal
  • Top cash for scrap and damaged cars
  • 100% satisfaction
  • No additional charges and hidden fees
  • Same-day car pick-up and cash delivery
  • Free truck towing
  • Best quoted price

We promise the completion of legal work.  Our company can buy cars in any condition, including old, smashed, inoperative, running, and out of order. Please don’t waste your money on ads and choose our outstanding car removal services for agreeable results.

Types of Car Used Car Buyers Buy?

Gladly, our company not only buys scrap cars but you can sell any type of car, including broken, damaged, faulty cars, and dented cars. Trust us; you will find the best-quoted price for your vehicle because we truly value any car regardless of its model.

Don’t worry about your car’s condition because you can still get the best price for it. We will ask some basic questions about your vehicle because we can give you an accurate price for your car.

With us you can;

  • Sell your Wrecked cars
  • Sell your broken cars
  • Get instant cash for your car
  • Sell your old cars
  • Sell your damaged car
  • Get the best-quoted price for your car
  • Sell your faulty vehicles

Isn’t the best way to get the top cash for your worthless car. You can sell new cars too because we accept it and offer you the top cash for it.

Sell all the brands, makes, and models, including;

  • Suzuki
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Holden
  • Subaru
  • Ford
  • Audi
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Volkswagen
  • Isuzu
  • BMW

We can accept all makes and models happily. So, contact us for the perfect valuation of your car.

Dont Wait, Sell Your Old Car Now

We assure you, our professional appraisers will offer you the best and the suitable quoted price for your vehicle. Our experienced team members use all the latest tools and equipment to pick-up your car without a hassle. Furthermore, you can enjoy our free car picking and truck towing services.

Contact us at 0435 470 447, and sell your unwanted car now. Surely,  We will pay you the maximum cash for your car.

Contact us now  & resolve all the queries with us.

How to sell a car without Roadworthy?

Ways to sell a car without RWC?

Are you worried about How to Sell Your Car without Roadworthy? No worries; if your car is unregistered or the registration got canceled, you can still sell it without a Roadworthy Certification.

Used Car Buyers is one of the most reliable and trustworthy car wrecker companies in Melbourne, Victoria. We are here to accept your wrecked, smashed, old, rusted, and damaged car. We don’t need a roadworthy certificate for this purpose as we can take your vehicle regardless of its makes, models, and certifications.

Being a licensed and registered vehicle recycling company, we properly de-pollute all scarp parts of your vehicle, including tires, batteries, and fluids. Our specialized team used the latest tools and equipment for this purpose, as our ultimate goal is to keep the environment clean and healthy. Additionally, we have invested in to comply with Victoria recycling and environment regulations.

Sell Your unregistered cars to Used Car Buyers.

Gladly, we offer top cash and same-day removal for unregistered, scratched, salvaged, and dented cars. Our core specialization includes disposal and recycling of all vehicles, including utes, vans, and trucks. Our proficient and experienced team uses the latest and essential tools to guarantee hassle-free junk car removal.

So, you have the perfect time to ease up some space in your home and sell your unregistered car. Call us at 0435 470 447, and get an instant price for your vehicle.

Sell Your Car without Roadworthy

Our Outstanding Services

We provide the following services including;

  • Cash for unregistered cars
  • Cash for scrap cars
  • Cash for old cars
  • Unnecessary car discarding
  • Cash for junk cars
  • Cash for working cars
  • Car Wreckers
  • Car disposal
  • Car recycling
  • Commercial Vehicle Removal
  • Removal of scrap cars

Every Make and Model is Acceptable to Us

One of the best things about preferring our scrap car removal services is that you can sell us any make and model without considering its condition. You don’t need to go for the registration and roadworthy certification because we can do it for us.

Our company offers you the perfect opportunity to collect huge cash for your cars, Utes, Vans, trucks, 4X4s, and SUVs, etc. Whether your car is worthless to you, it is valuable to us, and we can buy it without trouble.

We are here to accept the following brands including;

  • Ford
  • BMW
  • Volvo
  • Mitsubishi
  • Man
  • Mazda
  • Toyota
  • Isuzu
  • Hino
  • Mercedes Benz

If you think we have not mentioned your car’s brand, contact us, and share its detail with us. We will visit you and buy it at the highest price.

What Makes Us the Perfect Car Wrecker in Melbourne?

We have designed a unique business model that is quite easier and comfortable for our clients. As we mentioned earlier, our ultimate purpose is to provide comfort to our customers, which is why we offer a simple and hassle-free car selling procedure. If you have any queries about our services, then you can contact us anytime. We are here to answer all your questions.

We don’t offer a random quoted price for your car as our skilled appraisers provide the most suitable price after a proper evaluation. Don’t worry about charges, because we don’t charge additional fees or hidden charges. So, trust our words and contact us to experience the outstanding car removal services.

We provide you several reasons to trust our car wrecking service, including;

  • We offer the highest maximum cash for your unregistered, old, and wrecked car.
  • We manage all the paperwork
  • We assure environmental friendly car removal services
  • Our expert use the latest tool and equipment to recycle your junk car

Isn’t it amazing that you can sell your unregistered car without any complexity? Surely it is, so don’t wait for the right time and contact us now.

What is the Procedure to sell your wrecked car?

Do you want to know the procedure of selling your old car? Just follow these simple steps and sell your broken car easily.

  • Get a Quoted Price For Your Car

You don’t need to follow any complex procedure. Simply call us at 0435 470 447, or you fill-up the online form available on our website.

  • Schedule a perfect time to pick-up your car

We offer the best-quoted price, and it is acceptable to everyone. So, after accepting our quoted price, schedule the most appropriate time to meet us. You don’t need to visit our place as we can pick-up your car at your doorsteps.

  • Get Instant Cash

We offer free truck towing services. That’s why; you can get instant cash for your wrecked or old car.

Call Us Today

Does it sound suitable and simple? If yes, contact us today? Just Pick up the phone, dial our number 0435 470 447, and contact us right away.

Broken Car Removal

Broken Vehicle Removal In Melbourne

Usedcarbuyers is the right place for you if you need broken car removal services at your doorstep. We have been helping people who own broken cars. What we do is remove the damaged cars from the location of customers using the smart and efficient method.

  • We first ask information from you like make, condition, mileage, year of your automobile.                       
  • We evaluate your vehicle according to the above factors and provide you a no-obligation quote without any charges.
  • Upon your approval, we will send our experienced team to your advised location.
  • You will get free of cost pick up, towing, and removal services from us.
  • We pay a considerable sum of cash for broken cars on the spot.
  • We also ensure paperwork for ownership transfer.

If you use our broken car removal services you can say goodbye to your old, corroded, trash, scrap, or wrecked cars within the shortest time. We value time a lot and save people from the old difficult selling procedures. We make it easier for all the broken car owners to get rid of their worthless cars like never before.

Sell Your Broken Cars Now

We do not have conditions in our buying process which means we buy cars of all the makes and models. We buy cars without titles, non-running cars, and badly corroded cars as well. If you spend your time finding out a buyer for your salvage vehicle, your efforts will go in vain. Contact us for broken car removal services and get cash for broken cars in return.

Our concern is that the environment must remain clean and free of hazardous materials. We offer broken car removal services all across Melbourne as well as surrounding suburbs. Broken car removal is extremely important otherwise the environment will be contaminated because of the harmful materials. We not only remove vehicles from the customers’ premises but also ensure eco-friendly recycling of all the vehicles that we buy from our customers. Our super talented team uses the finest quality equipment in the most skilled manner for successful car removal. We pay cash for broken cars on the spot. Other companies do not pay cash for broken cars instantly.

Our team works as one unit. Our customer services team helps all the customers with a friendly and positive attitude. You can expect professional services from us because we are an authorized firm. Our team gives special attention to the customers’ location so that they can keep the property and surroundings safe and sound. It is all your choice to decide the schedule and our team will visit on that day. Our cash for broken cars is beyond comparison in the town.

Some people get stuck to decide whether to sell the car or get the issues fixed. We believe that when your vehicle is often causing you trouble, inconvenience, headache, and repairing cost has increased, you must sell the vehicle immediately. Just contact us and we will take responsibility for the complete activity. Sell any vehicle and in any condition. We are here for you always.

The Best Guide About Scrap Car Pick Up & Removal Service

The Best Guide About Scrap Car Pick Up & Removal Service

If you own an old car that you want to get rid of?  You think your vehicle is not road-worthy and also it is useless to spend dollars to get it repaired. In this case, the best option is to get the help of car removal companies which offer free Scrap Car Pick up service and also the removal free of cost. They will also pay dollars to you for your scrap car pick up and removal.

The Best Guide About Scrap Car Pick Up & Removal Service

You must consider the following things when you decide to contact the car wrecking company. Make sure that you follow the below-mentioned steps to get the car removal in the best possible way.


  • First, try to contact the local registered wrecking yard. Search online to find out the most reliable and trusted dealer who can provide the best services.
  • The car wreckers that you choose must have the finest customer support system. A good company is one who takes care of their customers.
  • The registered and top companies generally never take money for the car removal service. They offer cash for car removal instead. 
  • Choose a company that provides paperwork and documentation of the complete procedure. This is the most professional way to get rid of the car.
  • The company has a license and trained and skilled workers who can perform the procedure without damaging the surroundings.


The Simple Procedure For Car Removal


What you need to do after selecting the auto wrecking company is contact them on the call or via their website. They will ask some details of your vehicle like when it was purchased, its mileage, the name of the owner of the vehicle and after taking the required information from you, the team members will respond with a free quote. 


If you agree to the deal, the workers visit your place on the decided time and day. They provide pick up, removal, tow service and most importantly the paperwork free of cost. They provide instant services without any delay. They also pay the amount on the spot without making the customers wait for many days.


When you get your car properly removed from your premises, you will enjoy a lot of benefits along with it. First of all, space in your garage will be freed up which was unnecessarily occupied by your unwanted vehicle. You will also earn a good amount of your cash which you can utilize in the purchasing of the new car. You can also use that money to enjoy a  trip with your family. You will also give benefit to the surrounding environment by saving it from the pollution which a corroded vehicle may cause. Knowing all this, you will want to get the services of car wreckers. 


Although there are several car wrecking companies, Used Car buyers is the no. 1 car removal service provider. They provide hassle-free and highest-quality services. They pay instant cash on the spot. They possess state-of-the-art tools and their workers utilize them perfectly. You can rely on them. 

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