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  • Sell all types of old, damaged and unwanted cars, trucks, vans and Utes
  • Free towing in and around Melbourne
  • Mechanical parts, body parts, Tires and battery at the lowest price

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    More About Us

    Used Car Buyers is the top class partner you need to sell your old car in Melbourne. Are you interested in getting a good price for your old car? We are the right buyer for your used car. Is your car damaged and do you think that nobody will ever offer anything for it? Fear not, because we offer the best price for your damaged car. Your old piece of scrap taking up space in your garage is worth more than what you think. We value each and every car, irrespective of its condition. Whether your car is old, damaged or in any condition. we will accept it and pay you a handsome price for it. Used Car Buyers want to make car selling extremely easy for car owners, who would like a good price for their cars.

    Free removal of old cars in Melbourne

    When you live in Melbourne and in the surrounding suburbs, getting rid of your old car is extremely simple. To get the best price and create vacant space in your garage, call us just once and we will get back to you immediately. We will visit your garage, evaluate the car and pay for it, on the spot. We remove the car from your garage and tow it for you, free of cost. When you sell your old car – any model, age and condition, we will leave you with handsome cash and take away all the worries of towing your old car that can’t be driven anymore. If you live in and around Melbourne, contact us for free car removal and the best price for old cars.

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    Why choose Used Car Buyers in Melbourne?

    Used Car Buyers are the best buyers for your old and wrecked cars. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our price offers and efficient same day car removal service. We will buy any car and the car owner can be tension-free on this front, due to us. We only need you to provide proof of ownership of your car and we will complete the deal in a few hours. When you call us, we will come to you personally within 24 hours and remove your car while paying the best price for it.


    Once you get paid for your car, all your worries regarding having a scrap in your garage, vanishes in an instant. We will take care of change of ownership, the collection of car, outstanding finance and other overheads, if any. In a nutshell, Used Car Buyers is the only team you need to call, if you want to sell your old and wrecked car in a hassle-free manner.


    • On the spot payment – Once you make your call to 0402 956 608, we will gather information about your car – model, age and condition. Our team of professional car removers will reach you within 24 hours, on the same day, if you live in and around Melbourne. Once there, we will quickly get your signature on the paperwork and proceed with payment. We will provide on the spot payment for your car and you can choose the payment method of your choice. Whether you want to get paid via cash, electronic transfer or bank transfer, you will get money for your car on the spot. We provide the top price for your car with no questions asked.


    • Free and same day car removal – You don’t have to wait for a long time to free up space in your garage when you decide to sell your car to Used Car Buyers. If you are available at home now, give us a call and enjoy same day car removal We have tow trucks and tow supplies to haul away all cars in any condition. You mention your convenient time and our professional car wreckers will reach you exactly at that time. We will remove your car on the same day, if you live in Melbourne and its suburbs. Our car towing service is completely free and we expect nothing else from you.


    • Car wrecking and salvaging – With our strong experience in the industry, we know that even the most wrecked car can be useful in many ways. We are experts in salvaging your old and wrecked cars so that the second-hand parts can be used for other vehicle repairs. Through our environment cautious approach, we help to reduce your carbon footprint by contributing in a small way. We simply don’t care about the make, model, age, and condition of your car. We will always find useful parts in your car that can be recycled and reused. Other materials that can’t be reused in any way are disposed of in a safe manner. The best part is that you get cash for your wrecked car and do your part in reducing the environmental pollution.


    • Top dollars for all cars – Used Car Buyers provides the top price for all types of cars, irrespective of its condition. Whether your car is only a few years old or a completely wrecked one, you will get the best deal only from us. We have no hidden costs and fees and there will be no surprises. You will receive the exact amount we quote and you will get your money instantly.

    Get Instant Cash for Your Old Car

    To sell your old car and get paid instantly, call Used Car Buyers at 0435 470 447. Irrespective of the make, model, type and age of the car, we offer the best price for used cars. We accept all types of cars, trucks, buses, 4WDs, vans from any manufacturer. No matter what is the age, condition, and model of your car. Whether it is working or not running. As long as you have something in the name of a car, we will gladly accept it and pay you an excellent price for it. Even though your car is nothing but wreckage, we will happily tow it away, while paying you the best price for it. There is no need to wait for the payment to reach you because we pay on the spot in cash, credit card, or bank account transfer as per your wish.

    Same day removal of cars

    If you are looking for a quick way to sell your car, look no further as we provide the best same day removal of old and used cars in Melbourne. No matter where you live in and around Melbourne, we will come and collect your car on the same day. All you need to do is make a single phone call to bring in our team of professional and elite wreckers. When you have the documents ready, all we need you to do is to give your signature. You will receive money for your car, even before we remove the car. Our professional car removal team has tow tricks, tools, towing bars and necessary supplies required to haul even the biggest and the most useless wrecked truck. We don’t care about the model, age and condition of the car. As long as you have some wreckage in the name of a car, we have the towing supplies to remove the car on the same day and pay you instantly. Our same day car removal service is a boon for car owners in and around Melbourne.

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