How to sell a car without Roadworthy?

Ways to sell a car without RWC?

Are you worried about How to Sell Your Car without Roadworthy? No worries; if your car is unregistered or the registration got canceled, you can still sell it without a Roadworthy Certification.

Used Car Buyers is one of the most reliable and trustworthy car wrecker companies in Melbourne, Victoria. We are here to accept your wrecked, smashed, old, rusted, and damaged car. We don’t need a roadworthy certificate for this purpose as we can take your vehicle regardless of its makes, models, and certifications.

Being a licensed and registered vehicle recycling company, we properly de-pollute all scarp parts of your vehicle, including tires, batteries, and fluids. Our specialized team used the latest tools and equipment for this purpose, as our ultimate goal is to keep the environment clean and healthy. Additionally, we have invested in to comply with Victoria recycling and environment regulations.

Sell Your unregistered cars to Used Car Buyers.

Gladly, we offer top cash and same-day removal for unregistered, scratched, salvaged, and dented cars. Our core specialization includes disposal and recycling of all vehicles, including utes, vans, and trucks. Our proficient and experienced team uses the latest and essential tools to guarantee hassle-free junk car removal.

So, you have the perfect time to ease up some space in your home and sell your unregistered car. Call us at 0435 470 447, and get an instant price for your vehicle.

Sell Your Car without Roadworthy

Our Outstanding Services

We provide the following services including;

  • Cash for unregistered cars
  • Cash for scrap cars
  • Cash for old cars
  • Unnecessary car discarding
  • Cash for junk cars
  • Cash for working cars
  • Car Wreckers
  • Car disposal
  • Car recycling
  • Commercial Vehicle Removal
  • Removal of scrap cars

Every Make and Model is Acceptable to Us

One of the best things about preferring our scrap car removal services is that you can sell us any make and model without considering its condition. You don’t need to go for the registration and roadworthy certification because we can do it for us.

Our company offers you the perfect opportunity to collect huge cash for your cars, Utes, Vans, trucks, 4X4s, and SUVs, etc. Whether your car is worthless to you, it is valuable to us, and we can buy it without trouble.

We are here to accept the following brands including;

  • Ford
  • BMW
  • Volvo
  • Mitsubishi
  • Man
  • Mazda
  • Toyota
  • Isuzu
  • Hino
  • Mercedes Benz

If you think we have not mentioned your car’s brand, contact us, and share its detail with us. We will visit you and buy it at the highest price.

What Makes Us the Perfect Car Wrecker in Melbourne?

We have designed a unique business model that is quite easier and comfortable for our clients. As we mentioned earlier, our ultimate purpose is to provide comfort to our customers, which is why we offer a simple and hassle-free car selling procedure. If you have any queries about our services, then you can contact us anytime. We are here to answer all your questions.

We don’t offer a random quoted price for your car as our skilled appraisers provide the most suitable price after a proper evaluation. Don’t worry about charges, because we don’t charge additional fees or hidden charges. So, trust our words and contact us to experience the outstanding car removal services.

We provide you several reasons to trust our car wrecking service, including;

  • We offer the highest maximum cash for your unregistered, old, and wrecked car.
  • We manage all the paperwork
  • We assure environmental friendly car removal services
  • Our expert use the latest tool and equipment to recycle your junk car

Isn’t it amazing that you can sell your unregistered car without any complexity? Surely it is, so don’t wait for the right time and contact us now.

What is the Procedure to sell your wrecked car?

Do you want to know the procedure of selling your old car? Just follow these simple steps and sell your broken car easily.

  • Get a Quoted Price For Your Car

You don’t need to follow any complex procedure. Simply call us at 0435 470 447, or you fill-up the online form available on our website.

  • Schedule a perfect time to pick-up your car

We offer the best-quoted price, and it is acceptable to everyone. So, after accepting our quoted price, schedule the most appropriate time to meet us. You don’t need to visit our place as we can pick-up your car at your doorsteps.

  • Get Instant Cash

We offer free truck towing services. That’s why; you can get instant cash for your wrecked or old car.

Call Us Today

Does it sound suitable and simple? If yes, contact us today? Just Pick up the phone, dial our number 0435 470 447, and contact us right away.

Broken Car Removal

Broken Vehicle Removal In Melbourne

Usedcarbuyers is the right place for you if you need broken car removal services at your doorstep. We have been helping people who own broken cars. What we do is remove the damaged cars from the location of customers using the smart and efficient method.

  • We first ask information from you like make, condition, mileage, year of your automobile.                       
  • We evaluate your vehicle according to the above factors and provide you a no-obligation quote without any charges.
  • Upon your approval, we will send our experienced team to your advised location.
  • You will get free of cost pick up, towing, and removal services from us.
  • We pay a considerable sum of cash for broken cars on the spot.
  • We also ensure paperwork for ownership transfer.

If you use our broken car removal services you can say goodbye to your old, corroded, trash, scrap, or wrecked cars within the shortest time. We value time a lot and save people from the old difficult selling procedures. We make it easier for all the broken car owners to get rid of their worthless cars like never before.

Sell Your Broken Cars Now

We do not have conditions in our buying process which means we buy cars of all the makes and models. We buy cars without titles, non-running cars, and badly corroded cars as well. If you spend your time finding out a buyer for your salvage vehicle, your efforts will go in vain. Contact us for broken car removal services and get cash for broken cars in return.

Our concern is that the environment must remain clean and free of hazardous materials. We offer broken car removal services all across Melbourne as well as surrounding suburbs. Broken car removal is extremely important otherwise the environment will be contaminated because of the harmful materials. We not only remove vehicles from the customers’ premises but also ensure eco-friendly recycling of all the vehicles that we buy from our customers. Our super talented team uses the finest quality equipment in the most skilled manner for successful car removal. We pay cash for broken cars on the spot. Other companies do not pay cash for broken cars instantly.

Our team works as one unit. Our customer services team helps all the customers with a friendly and positive attitude. You can expect professional services from us because we are an authorized firm. Our team gives special attention to the customers’ location so that they can keep the property and surroundings safe and sound. It is all your choice to decide the schedule and our team will visit on that day. Our cash for broken cars is beyond comparison in the town.

Some people get stuck to decide whether to sell the car or get the issues fixed. We believe that when your vehicle is often causing you trouble, inconvenience, headache, and repairing cost has increased, you must sell the vehicle immediately. Just contact us and we will take responsibility for the complete activity. Sell any vehicle and in any condition. We are here for you always.

The Best Guide About Scrap Car Pick Up & Removal Service

The Best Guide About Scrap Car Pick Up & Removal Service

If you own an old car that you want to get rid of?  You think your vehicle is not road-worthy and also it is useless to spend dollars to get it repaired. In this case, the best option is to get the help of car removal companies which offer free Scrap Car Pick up service and also the removal free of cost. They will also pay dollars to you for your scrap car pick up and removal.

The Best Guide About Scrap Car Pick Up & Removal Service

You must consider the following things when you decide to contact the car wrecking company. Make sure that you follow the below-mentioned steps to get the car removal in the best possible way.


  • First, try to contact the local registered wrecking yard. Search online to find out the most reliable and trusted dealer who can provide the best services.
  • The car wreckers that you choose must have the finest customer support system. A good company is one who takes care of their customers.
  • The registered and top companies generally never take money for the car removal service. They offer cash for car removal instead. 
  • Choose a company that provides paperwork and documentation of the complete procedure. This is the most professional way to get rid of the car.
  • The company has a license and trained and skilled workers who can perform the procedure without damaging the surroundings.


The Simple Procedure For Car Removal


What you need to do after selecting the auto wrecking company is contact them on the call or via their website. They will ask some details of your vehicle like when it was purchased, its mileage, the name of the owner of the vehicle and after taking the required information from you, the team members will respond with a free quote. 


If you agree to the deal, the workers visit your place on the decided time and day. They provide pick up, removal, tow service and most importantly the paperwork free of cost. They provide instant services without any delay. They also pay the amount on the spot without making the customers wait for many days.


When you get your car properly removed from your premises, you will enjoy a lot of benefits along with it. First of all, space in your garage will be freed up which was unnecessarily occupied by your unwanted vehicle. You will also earn a good amount of your cash which you can utilize in the purchasing of the new car. You can also use that money to enjoy a  trip with your family. You will also give benefit to the surrounding environment by saving it from the pollution which a corroded vehicle may cause. Knowing all this, you will want to get the services of car wreckers. 


Although there are several car wrecking companies, Used Car buyers is the no. 1 car removal service provider. They provide hassle-free and highest-quality services. They pay instant cash on the spot. They possess state-of-the-art tools and their workers utilize them perfectly. You can rely on them. 

Instead Of Leaving Old Car, Recycle It For Many Benefits

Instead Of Leaving Old Car, Recycle It For Many Benefits

An auto wrecker is an auto recyclers for end-of-life autos. Auto reusing has turned into a colossal industry around the world. The explanation behind this is reusing harmed/useless utilitarian autos vital for their protected transfer. Reusing of autos is useful for the earth also.

Give us a chance to perceive how an auto wrecker reuses a useless auto:

Stage 1: Bringing the auto to the destroying yard

Autos that are disposed of should be conveyed to the destroying yard. Some auto proprietors pitch their autos to auto wreckers. They may convey the auto to the yard. Nevertheless, if the auto is in an expression that it cannot be conveyed to the yard, auto wreckers offer the administrations of towing such vehicles. A few proprietors may surrender their autos out. Auto wreckers tow away such autos too.

Instead Of Leaving Old Car, Recycle It For Many Benefits

Stage 2: Removal of parts

Different parts of the auto are evacuated deliberately available to be purchased/transfer. Parts, for example, motor, skeleton, battery, exhaust system are expelled first. Next, the haggles are expelled. After this the liquids, for example, radiator fluid, motor oil, brake liquid, transmission liquid, and so on are evacuated. Expulsion of utilitarian parts, for example, stereo, mirrors, headlights, taillights, and so forth trail this.

Stage 3: Restoration of parts

Certain parts may have minor harms, which can be repaired. These are reestablished.

Stage 4: Recycling of auto parts

Numerous parts are reused. For example, old auto batteries are utilized for assembling new ones. Liquids, for example, radiator fluid can be reused to deliver new liquid catalyst. Oils are reused to deliver fills, and so forth. Parts, for example, tires and broken glass discover application in different regions.

Stage 5: Recycling Steel

The significant part of the auto is its body, which contains steel. This is pounded into a little piece and after that shred and sold. This steel discovers application in numerous territories. Steel is in awesome interest around the world. Its generation is destructive to the earth. This is because it goes through our metals other characteristic assets and discharges ozone-depleting substances into the air. Utilizing reused steel is conservative and diminishes the requests on nature.

In a way, we see that auto reusing yields countless parts, which can be reused. Fortunately, the vast majority presently incline toward utilized auto parts rather than new ones. The fundamental explanation behind this is utilized parts are substantially less expensive than new parts.

Thus, we see that an auto wrecker completes an administration for the public by reusing an auto!

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