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Car Wreckers

Used Car Buyers buy damaged, old and unwanted cars from car owners, who are looking for the best car wreckers in Melbourne. If you have a car that is not roadworthy anymore, you should call us at 0435 470 447 to get the best car wrecking service in Melbourne. We pay cash on the spot for your old and damaged car, irrespective of its condition. We can remove your car for free on the same day, once you call our team of professional car wreckers. We take great pride in providing the most hassle-free service for those who are looking to sell wrecked cars.

Best price for wrecked cars

Is your vehicle badly affected by a car crash and beyond recovery? Has a natural calamity squished your truck beyond recognition? Is your van extremely old requiring repair work almost on a daily basis? Wrecked and damaged cars are hard to sell for car owners because finding someone who wants to buy a car that is not roadworthy anymore is difficult. This is where top car wreckers such as Used Car Buyers become useful. We don’t worry about the make, model, manufacturer, age and condition of your car. Even if it is completely wrecked and damaged, we know that your car still has parts that are valuable in the market. Every scrap car can be salvaged, so that the auto parts can be used in vehicle repairs. We provide second-hand auto parts for cheap and effective car repair.


We accept all kinds of cars, trucks, UTs, SUVs, 4×4 vehicles, in any condition. The best part of Used Car Buyers car wrecking service is that you will get paid on the spot for the car you own. Most of the car owners don’t know the value of their wrecked car and they will be willing to sell it for a much lower price. We surprise the car owners with top price for their old and damaged cars. You can free space in your garage or yard while getting on the spot cash payment for your old good-for-nothing car.

Your Trash-Worthy Car Could Fetch You Top Dollars

Looking at your badly damaged car, you may assume that it is fit only for trash. Used Car Buyers know that every car can be salvaged to a great extent. Even though some of the auto parts don’t allow the car to be used on the roads, they can still be useful for various repairs. We go through huge volumes of scrap cars on a daily basis, to truly understand the value of cars, trucks, and vans. Our professional car wreckers Melbourne have all the necessary tools and supplies to remove your cars, even though it can’t be driven anymore. The wrecking equipment we have will salvage the car for extracting auto parts that can be used in other repairs. The second-hand auto parts become more valuable, especially when the car manufacturer doesn’t make the spare parts anymore. We sell the salvaged parts for those, who are looking for original second-hand spare parts.


You may be surprised at the top price your car can fetch when you call Used Car Buyers. We carefully evaluate wrecked cars and offer the best possible price for it. The best part of our offer is that you get the cash, even before we remove your car. You can get paid in any way you want. We pay cash on the spot or transfer funds to your bank electronically, according to your convenience. We don’t want you to wait for someone willing to pay for your car. We have the proper license and hence the number one car wreckers in Melbourne, who can quickly pay cash to car owners, without making them wait.

Get your car gone in a day

There is no need to wait anymore to get rid of your car. Whether it is badly damaged due to an accident or natural calamity or simply age, we appreciate the value of your car. We understand that car owners don’t want to waste precious space in the garage, simply because they can’t find a buyer for their wrecked cars. Our professional wrecking team can collect your car in person, when you live in and around Melbourne. Simply give us a call at 0435 470 447, so that our wrecking professionals can remove your car on the same day. The best part of our service is that you don’t have to pay a penny for car removal. Our towing service is completely free and we will remove your car within 24 hours of receiving your phone call. Before we remove your car, you can happily start counting the money you received for your car.

Why choose Used Car Buyers?

When you sell old cars, you don’t want to deal with buyers, who are new to used car sales. With several years of experience in buying and selling used cars, Used Car Buyers can offer the best price for any car. If you assume that your car simply belongs to the junkyard, you should think again because any car that is even in its worst condition is still important to us. Our clients are surprised that they could get so much for the cars that they thought was beyond salvage. We don’t bother you by telling you to bring the car to us because we come to you to get your car. Tell us a time that is convenient to you and we will remove the car from your yard or garage on the same day.


  • Direct payment on the spot – We pay for your car instantly on the spot, without any delay. We are not brokers, who ask you to wait for someone willing to buy your car. Once you give us a call, our professional team of wreckers in Melbourne will come to your home or garage to evaluate your car. At the end of the evaluation, we quote our best offer for your car. If you agree to the price, we will pay for your car instantly. We pay car owners in multiple ways, so that you can choose your comfortable mode of receiving cash.


  • Free car removal – Once you agree to the deal, we will remove your car from your house or garage using towing equipment and supplies that we bring with us. We don’t deduct the towing charges, from the price we pay for your car. Our car removal service is completely free for those living in Melbourne and its suburbs. After agreeing to your deal, you can walk away and enjoy, while we take care of removing your car from your home and bringing to our wrecking yard.


  • Same day car removal – We understand that car owners don’t have the time to babysit their damaged and old cars that they want to get rid of. We provide same day car removal service for all the areas in and around Melbourne, so that you don’t have to wait a minute longer than necessary. We collect cars anywhere in Melbourne within 24 hours of receiving your car.


  • Hassle free paperwork – We handle the detailed paperwork necessary to transfer ownership to us, when you sell our car. After getting cash for wrecked car, we need your signature on the legal documents and we will take care of the intricate paperwork.


Want to get the best price for your wrecked car? Call us now 0435 470 447 or fill the Quick Quote form to get your free quote immediately. Remove your car for free and get paid for it.

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